MULLER MDC3022R for sale


The MULLER Quicktill Disc Cultivator is an Australian designed and built. The MULLER Quicktill
comes in many sizes from 2.5 m linkage models through to 12 m trialling models.
The MULLER Quicktill has proven to be a very effective minimum tillage tool due to its unique disc
suspension. The machine also runs at a very reasonable cost with heavy duty bearings
for low-maintenance, which makes life easier for the operator. The MULLER Quicktill ensures high
speed tillage and easy trouble free seeding. The MULLER Quicktill is available with open rollers
or packer rollers and has large diameter scalloped discs.
The MULLER Quicktill is ideal for stubble retention as it incorporates
stubble in the top few centimeters of soil or lays stubble on top for moisture retention, and two rows of
discs ensure the soil is well prepared
We use sealed hubs on each disc, so low maintenance. They are also quickly replace by simply
removing 5 bolts. This means that when you are in a hurry you will lose little time. You just replacethe whole hub instead of just the bearings and seals. This means that there will be no damaged seals.
All this means is you can be moving again in under 10 minutes.
We use a twin disc unit to reduce side ways movement. This is important as this changes the angle on
the disc. The angle of the disc is one of the main factors why the MULLER Quicktill works so well.
Each disc unit is mounted on a unique rubber torsion suspension system. The disc suspension
translates to low power requirement and optimal performance in various soil and ground conditions.
Our system allows for twice as much wear. Money saving.
The fame is built from a robust 100 RHS. It is built by Australians for Australians. Being Australian
made and built allows us to work with the farmer to get the best machine possible. This has set us apart
with all our gear. We have come to realize that one standard machine is not the answer. Each farmer
needs something different depend on area and what they grow. Being able to customize allows us to
get the right machine to the right farmer. One machine will not fit all.
This will leave you with a superior machine. MULLERS we be working with you for you needs.

Listing TypeDemo
Stock NumberS11
Cutting Width - mm3000
No of Discs24
No of Rows2
Tractor Connection3PL
Transpor Width - mm3300

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